600-hr Program Requirements

You cannot apply to this program if you have any past or pending convictions under Wisconsin Statutes:

• 940.22 Sexual Exploitation by a Therapist
• 940.225 First through fourth degree sexual assault
• 944.15 Public fornication
• 944.17 Public sexual gratification of person or animal
• 944.30 Prostitution
• 944.31 Patronizing prostitutes
• 944.32 Soliciting prostitutes
• 944.33 Pandering, i.e. pimping
• 944.34 Keeps a place of prostitution
• 948.02 Sexual assault of a child
• 948.025 Repeated acts of sexual assault of child
• 948.08 Soliciting a child for prostitution
• 948.085 Sexual assault of a child in substitute care
• 948.09 Sexual intercourse with a child age 16 or older
• 948.095 Sexual assault of a child by a school staff person or a person who works or volunteers with children
• 948.10 Exposing genitals, or intimate parts to a child

You also may not have been convicted of a comparable offense under federal law or a law of any other state.

You also may not have been convicted of any other offenses not listed above, related to the practice of Massage Therapy.

You also may not have been diagnosed as having, or ever been treated for pedophilia, exhibitionism, or voyeurism.

• A United States Citizen, or

• A qualified alien or nonimmigrant lawfully present in the United States who is eligible to receive a professional license or credential as defined in the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Reconciliation Act of 1996, as codified in 8 U.S.C. §1601 et. Seq. (PRWORA). For questions contact the Department of Homeland Security at 1-800-375-5283 or online at http://www.uscis.gov.

• Able to provide proof of above with your application

• 18 prior to graduation from the program

• Willing to learn, to work hard, to study hard, and to show up for class!

Do the following things:
• Move in confined spaces, maintain balance in standing position, move body from side to side, reach below the waist, and to the front or side of the body to the level of the top of the head
• Push, pull, stabilize and freely move arms to allow movement of 50 pounds
• Grasp, twist, squeeze, pinch, and mainpulate large and small items for at least 5 seconds
• Distinguish subtle vibrations throught the skin, identify subtle differences in skin surface characteristics, detect temperature
• Squat or modified squat (one knee on floor) for at least 5 minutes, move quickly in case of emergency situations, climb and descend a flight of stairs, walk independently without the assistance of a cane, walker, crutches, wheelchair or the assistance of others
• Maintain physical activity for a period of time up to 10 hours, tolerate exposure to common allergens such as pets/lotions/soaps/cleaning products, tolerate heat and humidity as high as 90 degrees for up to an hour, tolerate body odor, dirty feet, bad breath, flatulence, bleeding
• Interact with others to understand their needs and reactions, speak/write/understand English, listen and follow instructions
• Hear and understand voices spoken at normal volume at a distance of 10 feet, hear faint noises such as whispers within a range of 4 feet
• Interact with and support peers and client needs, adapt to changing situations, ignore distractions, accept constructive feedback and accept responsibility for own actions
• Apply knowledge gained in classroom, interact as a team member, show respect for others, follow instructions and comply with rules
• Read and understand at a minimum of an 8th grade level, use and understand computers and computer displays, count and understand the meaning of numbers, tell time, memorize, learn